Gruppo Veneto Banca

Veneto Banca Group, Montebelluna (Treviso), Italy, is one of the first twelve Italian banking institutions.

History of the institution, founded in 1877, gets the first creative twist in 1966 when the bank merges with Banca del Mandamento di Asolo, which created Banca Popolare di Asolo e Montebelluna. In 2000, after acquiring Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Piave e del Livenza, it changes the name to Veneto Banca, with the aim of providing services in the Treviso region.

Veneto Banca opens numerous branch offices in regions Veneto and Friuli and carries out original and very successful commercial and marketing campaigns, and this makes it famous even outside its domicile region, northeast Italy. 
During the last ten years the Group acquired other credit institutions in Italy and in central and eastern Europe, expanding operations and business network, developing and growing in different areas:
in 2000 it buys the Romanian bank „Banca Italo Romena“, and in 2005 the Romanian company „Italo Romena Leasing“

  •   in 2001 gets majority holding in the Italian bank „Banca di   Bergamo“(Bergamo)
  •   in 2002 takes over some of the branch offices of the former bank  „Banca Mediterranea“ in Puglia e Basilicata region and creates the  „Banca Meridiana“ bank (Bari)
  •   in 2005 takes control over „Banca del Garda“(Verona) which was integrated into the Group’s commercial network in 2007
  •   in 2006 it again focuses towards central and eastern Europe, buying „B.C. Eximbank“in Moldova and „Gospodarsko-kreditna banka“in Croatia
  •   in 2007 buys the bank „Banca Popolare di Intra“(Intra), with branch offices in regions Piemonte and Lombardia as well as banks under its control: „Popolare di Monza e Brianza“and „Intra Private Bank“
  •  at the beginning of 2008, in order to have better management over its activities in Italy and abroad, the Group implements a new organisational structure: the mother bank „Veneto Banca“ becomes „Veneto Banca Holding scpa“, keeping the legal status of a cooperative bank, with the aim of managing, directing and supervising the growing complex business, while the network of Veneto banka branch offices is trusted to the new „Veneto Banca spa“ (with legal status of a joint stock company( which provides its services in northeast Italy and in Rome.
  •   in 2008 the Group buys 36 branch offices of the Italian banking group „Intesa Sanpaolo“
  •   in the same year „Banca Italiana di Sviluppo“in Tirana, Albania was bought
  •   at the end of 2008 it closes an agreement with the bank „Cassa di Risparmio di Fabriano e Cupramontana“(in regions Marche and Umbria and with branch offices in Rome) based on which the „Cassa di Risparmio di Fabriano e Cupramontana“, will be integrated into the Group during the next three-year period. This will make the Group active in the entire east Italy, from Friuli Venezia Giulia („Veneto Banca“) to Puglia region („Banca Meridiana“)
  •   at the beginning of 2009 it signs an agreement with „bancApulia“ (from Puglia and Basilicati, present also in Molise, Abruzzo, Marchamo and Rome in order to create a banking group in the south of Italy by merging  „Banca Meridiana“ with „bancApulia“ and by later integration into the  Veneto Banca Group
  •   in 2009 the Group continues with integration of „Banca di Bergamo“and „Banca Popolare di Monza e Brianza“into the commercial network of „Banca Popolare di Intra“. In order to rationalise operations in Italy three strong regional banks will be created („Veneto Banca“in the northeast and in Rome, „Banca Popolare di Intra“in the northwest and „Banca Meridiana“in the south)
  •  in 2010 Veneto Banca Group continues to further expand in Italy.
  •  Veneto Banca Group has shares in „Co.Fi.To. “holding (holding of the „Grupo Banca Intermobiliare“), in the insurance company „Uniqa Previdenza“ from the Austrian group „Uniqa“, in the merchant bank „Palladio Finanziaria“, in the company for managing savings „Alcedo“ as well as in the company „Sintesi 2000“, specialised for internationalisation of companies with headquarters in Milan and offices in Hong Kong and  Shanghai.
  •  In 2011 Veneto Banca obtained majority holding in the company Compagnia Finanzaria Torinese (Cofito) which used to be part of Banca Intermobiliare (BIM). This acquisition presents strength and dynamics of the Veneto banka Group especially in the difficult time for the Italian economy.
    Mission of the Group is to be innovative and independent, striving to become the leading bank in the areas it operates in, providing quality services and creating value though time, ethically and responsibly for its shareholders, employees and clients..